Cloud Industry is a cloud solution provider who provides exclusive professional services and advises both the traditional and new businesses to move their IT infrastructure to the cloud.

We always have built an incredibly passionate and highly competent team of expert technical people, the only one to implement and support the most innovative solutions on the market with an impressive professionalism. We have reviewed and selected our partners on a microscopic level, ensuring we get you the best solutions for your business.

Whether you are looking for a CRM, a digital marketing solution, a finance or an HR system, online, telephony or legal solutions, we have the one that will fit you.

Our Values

Social Community Building

Our organisation is made of people who are motivated by the success of our group as one.
Our customers are parts of our community and success.
Our partners are parts of our journey and essential element of our success.

Efficiency Through Excellence

Our passion is the strongest factor of success, loving what we do and loving making it better is what drives us every day. Everything is possible as long as we put the right energy into it.

Diversity and Communication

The launch phase is the final step of your project. During this phase, we will load your final live data and set up connections to your external production systems.

How we work

Cloud explores your business objectives and challenges. With you we map, build processes, set up & integrate the right technology to achieve your vision. We conducted with full discretion and confidentiality – with the most secured cloud systems to protect your business interest.

Strategy & Initiation 

We work together on defining your digital transformation strategy. We identify opportunities, solutions and prepare together your rollout plan aligned with your business objectives

Process Mapping & Scoping

We are experts in business process streamlining. We analyse your business, your objectives and priorities and help you design the perfect technology solution within your budget and time frame. Our architects build the plan of your future before we review it together.


The execution phase is the technical phase of your project. During this phase, our developers and engineers prepare your system, integrate solutions and get the job done for you.

Go Live and After…

The launch phase is the final step of your project. During this phase, we will load your final live data and se tup connections to your external production systems.

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